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August Favourites

I’m writing this while on hold on the phone. I’ve been on hold for 40 minutes so far and it perfectly represents how I feel about life right now. Everything is just on hold. In August I’ve tried to do a few more ‘normal’ things which is definitely helping, but I’m still feeling like I’m waiting to be able to do things properly again. Hopefully doing a few more ‘normal’ things in September will help.

Here is what I liked a little more than usual this month:

The Umbrella Academy season 2

Even though the final season was released on 31st July, I finished it on the morning of 1st August meaning I had to wait a whole month to add it to a favourites list. I watched season 1 in the week leading up to season 2 and thought it was ok, but season 2 I binged in less than 24 hours. Season 2 is on another level compared to the first, which I think comes from the fact the central characters, the Hargreeves siblings, interact and share numerous scenes with each other this time around. In the first season, they only really interacted a handful of times and didn’t really come together until the end. Season 2 seems to rectify that.

It’s a show where the strongest element is the cast and characters, with their quirks and individual characteristics. Five, Diego and Klaus are my favourites this time round, though all 7 siblings have the potential to be my favourites.

I thought the storyline(s) in season 2 was better, the music as good as the first and the acting was perfect. I had a blast with it and am already counting down the days until season 3.

From my love for this, two other things I liked from August are worth mentioning:

This video of David Castañeda

The song. The wink. The fact he’s in a car. Diego Hargreeves.


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Baby Pogo

I would die for Baby Pogo.


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Baby Pogo has landed.

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I wrote last month about how it took me a while to warm up to it but I’m in love with folklore. This month I’ve probably listened to august 200 times. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever heard. I really want to watch a film or TV series based on the love triangle.

Remember when I pulled up and said “Get in the car”
And then canceled my plans just in case you’d call?
Back when I was living for the hope of it all

Fall Guys hype

I hate these bloody guys but it’s so addicting.

This Tweet

I laughed for days.


Going back to the cinema!

One thing I did in August that was my attempt at getting life to be back to normal was venturing back to one of my favourite places: the cinema. I saw two films at the cinema in August, An American Pickle and Spree. Both times I went a couple of weeks after the film was initially released, in a way to ensure the screening wasn’t too busy. Going back was absolutely fine. I felt safe (safer when it’s less busy) and I keep my mask on. It’s nice to get a bit of normality back to my life.

I terms of particular film highlights, worthy first-watch shouts out are:

  • Spree – It’s mad and funny, but also depressing. Joe Keery, who usually seems like the coolest guy ever, is incredible. I’m a KurtsWorld96 stan now.
  • Da 5 Bloods – After the terribly sad news that Chadwick Boseman passed away I thought it was about time I watched him in Spike Lee’s latest on Netflix. It’s a great war film that honours the black Americans thrown into the Vietnam war. It’s long but worth it.
  • Chemical Hearts – I took off a star from this because I didn’t like the way it ended, but other than that I thought this was a really sweet, coming-of-age romance drama.
  • Snowpiercer – FINALLY! I’ve watched it. And it’s great.

TV wise, after The Umbrella Academy season 2 I went into a deep dark hole of feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied with every TV show I tried to watch. So, I’m re-watching The Office US instead. 

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