Hi, I’m Nadine.

I’ve always been online.

I set up a film review blog when I was 16 where I wrote, quite poorly, about my biggest love: film. In the first year I gathered up to 40,000 hits which, for a 16 year old, felt like a huge accomplishment. As I’ve got older, graduated and started my career, I have outgrown my once cherished blog. It still exists out on the Interwebs, but it’s not me anymore.

Having tweeted, instagrammed, blogged and quite literally shared my thoughts through various online mediums for years, it felt like the right time to make my own official space on the Internet, with a domain and everything (how grown up!). This new home is a mix between an online list of all my writing/important things and a space for musings.

Content will likely include film, pop culture, things I’m curious about and things I’m angry about. A recent interest has been in finding ways to live more green, because I want to treat the earth a little nicer. Maybe I’ll blog about that eventually.

Thanks for visiting.

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