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November Favourites

I love doing these monthly favourites, even if no one reads them they’re a bit of fun for me to look back on. Here is a list of things I loved this month.


Like every single month, I started a TV show everyone else in the world has already seen. I heard loads of people talk about Succession online and while the premise doesn’t sound like my kinda thing, a lot of people in the TV/film community who I value online said they loved it so I knew it would be worth my time to try.

Obviously, I bloody love it. I don’t know why people didn’t tell me it’s basically a more dramatic, realistic, stylish, horrible version of Arrested Development because I’d have watched it sooner. It’s hilarious and gripping, and despite not really caring about any characters because they’re all so nasty, I am hooked on them. I’m starting season 2 in December.


Modern Love show and podcast

Another TV show I watched in November was Amazon Prime’s Modern Love, based on The New York Times weekly column where readers submit their personal stories of modern love. It’s an anthology series with dozens of famous faces at roughly 30 minutes an episode, making it such an easy, enjoyable show to watch.

I liked all episodes, but especially loved Anne Hathaway’s episode where she portrays a woman with bipolar (“Take Me as I Am, Whoever I Am”) and the final episode about two elderly people who get a second chance at love (“The Race Grows Sweeter Near Its Final Lap”), I sobbed at almost every episode. They’re lovely.

Through watching the show I discovered the podcast, which has hundreds of episodes of essays read aloud by actors and other famous people. Again they’re sweet and short, perfect for me to listen to at the gym.

Six the Musical

I saw this on the final day of November, so it just about makes it into my favourites of the month. By the end of December I’ll know all the words to the soundtrack, but I know for certainty that I adored the show on first viewing and hearing the songs live.

Little 9 year old me who loved learning about the Tudors would never believe that a kick-ass, feminist, pop musical about Henry VIII’s six wives would exist. It’s great fun, got a catchy soundtrack, and the stars of the tour are incredible performers. The music is very Little Mix-y, Ariana Grande-esque, Pop, RnB, Dance-y fun and very up my street. I love

So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings by Caroline Polachek

I am obsessed with this song.

I get a little lonely
Get a little more close to me
You’re the only one who knows me babe
So hot, you’re hurting my feelings

Film viewings

November film-wise was mostly catching up on a few 2019 films I had yet to see, a couple of straight to streaming films, and two thrilling cinema releases. Like most of James Mangold’s films about subjects I don’t particularly know a lot about but love a lot, I adored Ford V Ferrari. Knives Out too is a lot of fun, a proper good whodunnit, with a stellar cast.

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