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August Favourites

August was a lush month, I travelled to Santorini, a destination I’ve been longing to go for since I was obsessed with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series as a teen, to see my cousin get married, as well as enjoy a my first month in my new home. I am glad it’s September though, the beginning of my favourite season of the year. Here is everything I loved in August.


I listened to this for the first time by the pool on holiday and didn’t like it at all. I even disliked the previous single I liked. But since I’ve been home and re-listened, I focused on the lyrics more and really engaged with it. The album is the most mature Taylor has been and while I do understand the criticisms that say the album is inconsistent in messaging, themes and styles, I think it paints the picture of how Taylor’s relationship with Love has changed as she’s matured. It’s relatable and lovely.

My current favourites are: The Man (a great feminist bop), I Think He Knows, Paper Rings, Cornelia Street, London Boy, You Need To Calm Down, Death By A Thousand Cuts, Lover and Cruel Summer…basically the whole album to be honest.

Circe – Madeline Miller

I read Madeline Miller’s Song of Achilles back when I was in sixth form and really enjoyed it. I’ve always found the Greek Gods and mythological figures fascinating, but they can be quite confusing without a Classics degree. Miller’s novels are accessible to readers who are not familiar with the language, plus they’re rich in detail so it’s not dumbed down. I love Circe more than Song of Achilles, probably because Circe as a character felt relatable, despite the magical powers and immortality. Highly recommend it.

The Cloud Duvet

With a new bed, I wanted to buy a duvet that was as eco as possible and I found: The Cloud.

It’s pricey for a duvet, but it is better than a regular duvet. The Cloud is: antibacterial, has temperature control materials (perfect for summer and winter, so no need for two duvets) and made with bamboo which is sustainable and vegan. On top of all of this, it is the softest, dreamiest, comfiest duvet I have, ever, ever slept with. Which is a big deal for me, because I can sleep anywhere. Another product I highly recommend, hence why it made it into my monthly favourites!

I don’t look as glamorous as the model in the photo, but I am this happy when I’m in my cloud.


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Kombcha girl

Hands down funniest meme of August and I might even say the year so far. I cry with this meme, but Brittany is also hilarious on her Twitter account.

The memes are amazing.


No description needed. This song is incredible and the video is iconic. Normani is QUEEN.

Little Women trailer

When a book means so much to you, sometimes adaptations can rub the wrong way. I’m the opposite, I like seeing books I love be adapted and I have no issue with them being done numerous times, if they’re good. Little Women is one of those, the book means a lot to me but so does the 1994 film. When I heard Greta Gerwig (the director of Lady Bird, my favourite film of 2018) was adapting it again, I was over the moon.

The trailer dropped in August and I’m obsessed. The casting looks perfect and I love the set designs and costsumes. Obviously I won’t know for sure until I see it, but it’s looking promising.

Film viewings

August was a fairly normal month for viewings. I watched 12 films in total, the first few of the month were on DVD as we were awaiting Internet. The best film I saw at the cinema in August was Pain and Glory (Dolor y gloria), directed by Pedro Almodóvar. I now need to watch more Almodóvar films, because I thought this was glorious. Antonio Banderas was the best I’ve ever seen him (maybe because I need to see Almodóvar films) and it was the perfect balance of humour and emotion.

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