Hopes for 2022

One of the reasons I find the New Year overwhelming is the pressure on change and resolutions. Call me pessimistic, but it’s hard for most things to change dramatically over night.

The optimist in me, however, likes the thought of hopes, goals, and dreams. Trying something new or wanting to develop different habits, even if time is just a concept, is easier when faced with a ‘clean’ state.

Hopes, goals, and dreams.

I don’t have resolutions, I have some hopes for 2022 instead.


I’m good at reading about the importance of boundaries. I’m really good at championing boundaries for friends and family. I’m great at knowing what type of boundaries I need.

What I’m not so good at it is actually setting them, sticking to them, and communicating these when required.

I know what I need for my mental health and growth, so this is the year I finally start working with my own boundaries.

Home stuff

I’m very lucky that I have done a lot of stuff to my home in last couple of years. Already I’m so proud of what’s been achieved. There’s more we want to do though, with no reason not to get on and do it. Less time scrolling on my phone and more time making the home changes I want is another goal.

To Be Read pile

My TBR list is ever-growing, yet my speed of reading is at a slow pace. I need to make sure I get through my list, instead of adding to it quicker than I read!

One way I hope to do this is introducing more audiobooks into my reading life. I’ve never been against audiobooks, as I’ve listened to a handful over the last few years but I’ve found them expensive when also buying the book to read along. Thanks to a recommendation, I have joined my local library where I can rent audiobooks so my hope is to listen to more audiobooks to help me get through some classics that have been on my TBR pile for a while.

More vegan

If I try to limit my diet to be a full vegan, I will set myself up to fail and eat all the dairy cheese. The truth is, I am close to being fully vegan: I eat an almost 100% vegetarian diet and I’m finding more and more of my alternatives now are vegan too. In 2021 I was won over by vegan cheese, the thing I always thought would prevent me from being vegan, and I’m having more vegan days than non-vegan days.

I want to continue this and make more effort at avoiding non-vegan products. It won’t be a 365 day year of being vegan, but I’d like to try to be ‘more’ vegan in 2022.

Less time on social media

In 2021 I did spend less time posting on social media. Compared to 2020, the year everyone was at home, my time posting easily halved. Now I want to go further and spend less time scrolling, as well as less time posting about myself. Things like blogs or stories about films I’ve watched are not wholly personal, super intimate details about my life and I feel comfortable sharing that. It’s the personal stuff I think I need to take a step back from, so I can be in the moment living in instead.

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