Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning

As my previous blog and social media reveal, I am trying to live greener in any way I possibly can. Being sustainable and eco-friendly is a big concern for me, plus I feel all the better by doing it because, after all, we only have one planet.

In my research I was shocked to find out just how many every day items I use contain harsh chemicals that are dangerous for the planet and us. Cleaning has been a rising trend over the last year, especially with internet stars like Mrs Hinch and others making cleaning more than just a daily chore, but a fashion trend. With the amount of money we spend on cleaning and the volume we continuously purchase, I thought it was about time I start using eco-friendly cleaning products.

There are tons of advantages to using eco-friendly products. Number one is that these products do not harm the environment, so whether they are washed away down a sink, or used on surfaces, the product does not contain damaging chemicals. The atmosphere in your homes is safer too and the products still smell fresh and clean. Without even knowing it, cleaning products can produce an indoor pollution to our homes and while the smell of bleach feels fresh, it’s probably not good to be exposed to.

Similarly the products won’t irritate your skin. Not because you’re going to be applying them to your face, however it’s reassuring to know that your surface spray won’t affect your skin if it touches you. I’ve done a lot of research into them and encourage you to do the same if you’re wondering what the benefits are.

Eco Active Toilet Cleaner, Tesco

I grabbed this back when I was first hunting for eco-friendly cleaning products and I was surprised to see that Tesco had their own range. For an environmentally friendly cleaner it’s cheap, which shows that being kinder to the planet while you clean should not break the bank, and the bottle is recyclable. However the formula feels extremely diluted, compared to non-eco-cleaning products. This could be just what eco-friendly toilet cleaners are like, but to find out I am testing others.

Washing Up Liquid, Ecover

These washing up liquids are great. A little goes a long way and it cleans everything from cutlery and plates to grubby cooking trays. I have to turn on the tap to full blast to produce a ton of bubbles as it doesn’t bubble up as easily as brands like Fairy Liquid do, but that’s not a negative in any way. I’ve used a few of these bottles already and am so happy with them that I recently brought a 5L refill. All the packaging is recyclable too.

Bathroom Cleaner, Method

If you haven’t used Method products yet, I recommend them simply for gorgeous smells. They don’t smell of fumes like some cleaning products, but they still smell clean. This minty bathroom cleaner is lush and also a brilliant product to clean the bathroom with. I use it on the sinks, tiles, toilet, shower and even the mirror (in between using glass cleaner). Again, a little goes a long way as it foams up quickly. Packaging is made from recycled materials and can be recycled too.

Daily Shower Cleaner, Method

I love daily shower cleaners as a top up on my regular bathroom clean, as they keep your shower doors and walls looking sparkly every day. I use to use a non-eco-friendly version and found I went through them quickly, but these have lasted a longer time despite daily use. The scent is beautiful, I use a couple of sprays on my glass doors after I’ve had a shower and that’s it. Method have two scents of these, I’ve only used the Ylang Ylang one so far but I’m sure the Passion Fruit one is equally as nice. This and the Bathroom Cleaner work well together and I recommend them both, I’ve already stocked up on three bottles of each ready to use again.

Limescale Remover, Ecover

Any avid cleaner knows the power of the limescale remover Viakal but honestly, the Ecover Limescale remover is just as good. It’s near enough the same price as Viakal, but it’s better for the environment so you feel better using it. I use it on my shower doors if limescale and soap scum build up and have also used in it in the kitchen when needed. This is great and another recyclable.

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