When you need a giggle

When people felt down, hundreds and thousands of years ago, how did they make themselves feel better? I imagine they went on walks (as Elle Woods says, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy”), or they had other things to worry about like not catching the plague or running away from an animal trying to eat them.

If I’m feeling low, I sometimes watch videos to brighten my day. There are a few Youtube videos that always crack me up, even if I’ve seen them a hundred times before.

For a bit of fun, I thought I’d compile them in hope they make you laugh too.

St Patty’s Day Hair of the Dog

Grace, Mamrie and Hannah, once known as The Holy Trinity, are three Youtubers who occasionally team up for collabs. My best friend sent me this particular video when we were at university and we still laugh about it now.

How I Met Your Mother season 5 Bloopers

I love a good blooper reel when you can tell that the actors/crew involved were having a good time. The HIMYM bloopers are especially funny due to naturally entertaining Neil Patrick Harris and funny Jason Segel.

My highlights are: 3:30, 3:54, 4:24.

Billy on the Street: Death Rogen

Billy Eichner is one of my favourite comedy hosts. If you haven’t watched his hilarious Billy on the Steet, I implore you to look it up. It’s a lot of shouting at strangers and is mostly centred around funny situations with celebrities, which is simple but so, so good.

Thirst Tweets

I love this whole series, but particularly this one because I feel all of these tweets. Bonus episode: Mark Ruffalo.

WIRED’s Autocomplete Interviews

A lot of my favourite videos to cheer myself up involve actors. No idea why. This is one is great, because Jake Gyllenhaal’s laugh is the purest thing ever. The Stranger Things one is another bonus.

Roles Reversed: Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson Impersonates Kevin Hart

These two are hilarious in and out of character. Easily the best video Lad Bible have created.

Mindfulness and exercise are other helpful ways to boost your happiness, but I also think there’s something comforting in an online video binge.

If I think of any other go-to videos to cheer me up, I’ll post them here. If you’re having a down day, I hope one of these can make you smile.

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