TV watches

I have yet to find an app I like that is like GoodReads or Letterboxd for TV. Some exist and I’ve tried them, but I don’t think they’re very user-friendly. I like keeping track of what I watch on TV, so what better place to keep track than on my own site. The month the TV series is in indicates the month I finished watching it or the list at the top is anything that was a weekly/live release.

2021 TV watches


Watched when aired

  • Taskmaster (series 11) [Channel 4]
  • WandaVision [Disney+]
  • The Falcon and the Winter Solder [Disney+]
  • This Is Us (season 5) [Prime]
  • Love Victor (season 1) [Disney+ – released weekly]


  • Arrested Development (season 2) [rewatch] [Netflix]


  • Superstore (season 1-3) [Netflix]


  • Superstore (season 4 – 5)
  • Line of Duty (series 1 – 5) [BBC iPlayer]
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine (season 7) [Netflix]

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